Friday, 16 November 2012

Michael Jackson ipad mini decal

The ipad mini has proven quite a hit and now you can deck out your iPad with a Michael Jackson decal.


Michael Jackson Apple iPad Mini vinyl decal sticker - moonwalk (Black)

Ipad Decals: So you may ask why apply an ipad decal to your ipad ? To be honest there is no simple answer. Decals are a great way to personalise your ipad and realy begin to bring it into a world of its own. Your decal provides a brief glimpse into who you realy are. Ipad decals also provide a great deal of protection for the ipad which is great if you accidently slide it over a rough surface or get a slight dent. So feel free to browse the link above as well as a few others on my site. Just rememer stickers arent permanent and they can always be removed.

Michael Jackson is one of the most inluential singer of the 80,s and has been instantly imortalised by his numerous numbers of hits. So if you a Michael Jackson fan feel free to hit the like button below. If this decal isnt for you i have a larger collection of decals at my site for ipad decals.

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